natural, understated, creative and unique.

At Verve, these are the qualities that we most value, and that we try to reflect in the things we buy, the things we sell and in the styling services we offer.


We want to escape the soulless sameness of the high street and bring you attractive, affordable, individual pieces that are made, repurposed or found in Britain.


We focus on sourcing ranges that are crafted using natural materials, from wood through to silk. And, as importantly, ranges that have a person behind them as we believe it is by supporting individuals that we can bring our customers the most natural products - those created of the hand 


In the 24/7 rush of modern life, we want to help our customers unwind in homes that uplift and calm, and that have a true, authentic feel. Our collections are selected to offer character and craftsmanship, and understated elegance, charm and interest - always with an eye on how they might enhance, not dominate, an interiors space


We love the fresh, contemporary spirit of talented British artists and designer makers and we especially love to support the work of local creatives in Bath and the surrounding area. We hope that, like us, you'll be inspired by the quality and originality of the many and varied pieces we are privileged to showcase at Verve 


One of the many things we love about working with talented artisans is that everything they produce is not only creative and crafted, but is also one of a kind.

And of course, ethical too 

At Verve Living we care about things and people. We hate landfill, and love finding new ways to discover ‘pieces with a past’ – using a little styling magic to reveal their unique character and charm. Everything we sell at Verve is ethically sourced.

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