It is a joy showcasing Melanie's stunning wire sculptures. These amazing pieces have humble beginnings but with time, patience and skill Melanie brings them to life creating artworks that are at once stunningly simple and yet beautifully intricate, with no two ever quite the same. Her collection is exclusive available in Bath at Verve.

Mini Bio


In 2008 Melanie returned to sculpting full time having originally trained and worked as a woodcarver in the 1980’s, before taking up a career as an analyst in the IT industry. Her woodcarving experience covered a wide range of projects - from restoration work and traditional furniture to carving wooden items for the National Trust. 


On her recent return to sculpture she found this medium was not dynamic enough for the subjects that she aspired to capture. Over the last few years she has been experimenting with a range of sculpting materials, currently working predominantly with Jesmonite,

an acrylic resin to which she add colours and different materials to give an interesting variety of texture. 


Ideas for sculptures come from many sources, but Melanie has always been interested in the ability to capture movement in any form of art and this has been a strong influence in many of the sculptures she creates. The challenge is not just to suggest the action of an animal or figure in motion, but also to give them a sense of purpose.


Most sculptures begin with a wire or steel armature, onto which layers are built up, almost as if adding muscles and soft tissue to the piece. This part of the procedure is not entirely precise and adds an interesting dimension to the creative process.

Melanie lives in Somerset with her partner exhibiting locally. She is Verve's Artist in Residence during November each year.

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